Landscaping Tips For Southern States

Living in the south requires a different green thumb than it does in the north.  When in the south, purchasing a pallet of st augustine for your yard is a common occurrence.  Since St Augustine is the primary grass found in Florida it is easily accessible.

Palm trees

The primary tree you will find in people’s yards are palm trees.  These trees when placed closer together will create an attractive canape to give the area some shade.  When planting your palm trees make sure that they are far enough from walkways and the roof of your home. 

pallet of st augustine

Colorful tiles

Using colorful tiles and painted stones are also a great option for landscaping in the south.  Many homeowners will place white stone around bushes and plants that border the edge of their homes.  When doing your walkways, consider using colorful times or red clay surrounded by white stone.  This will make for an attractive design and a way to drain water from the home.

Cutting the grass

St. Augustine grass is very easy to cut and maintain.  It doesn’t grow tall like grass in the north.  This grass forms a tightly woven carpet for your yard.  When it grows you can tell that your yard needs to be maintained but isn’t a total eyesore compared to other grasses.

Watering Grass

Watering your grass is also simple.  Using a sprinkler system that goes off in the middle of the night is the best time to water your yard.  This way the water has the ability to get to the roots of the grass and plants.  Watering your grass and plants in the mid afternoon or tatter time of the day is not recommended.  The grass and plants won’t be able to absorb the water as quickly leading to inefficiency in watering.