Online Lesson On Using Whiteboard


If you are a school teacher, then you are probably used to this by now. You can count the number of lessons you are meting out to your students simply by taking into account the number of days made available to you in each school year’s semester. All the same goes for the erstwhile college professor or junior lecturer. And to think. You are countingÂ…but if you are teaching math that exercise was, let’s just say; done and dusted eons ago.

You are good at what you do. Sometimes though, you do have your heavy days. You sometimes wish that your kids would just let it all sink in. You spent so many hours with your lesson preparations. Well, this letter assumes that you do. Anyhow, hard teaching remains a messy affair. While you love what you do, teaching can be regarded as one of the most challenging of the professions. Getting students to sit still for at least thirty minutes is one such challenge.

Getting them to pay attention to what you’ve placed on the blackboard is another matter. Speaking of which; here’s something that’s going to make your teaching days a lot brighter and their days in class a lot more interesting. Here’s what you do then. Out with the blackboards and in with the new whiteboards is the in thing as far as innovative, effective and creative outcomes based teaching goes.

The kids don’t like the mess half as much as you don’t enjoy having to erase it. When you use a whiteboard, there’s no more chalk dust. Just clean, legible and easy to comprehend lines. And plenty of space left over to make the lessons more interesting and interactive. Yes, you can get them to participate better too.