Spearing For Higher Productivity Levels

Just one bale spear and the smallholding farmer, working alone, is engrossing himself in one of his toughest tasks. It is manual labor through and through and if it were not for the fact that this farmer was tough as nails, this would have been backbreaking work. And yet, it is time-consuming work. But still, it is work that needs to be done. A medium-sized farming enterprise, a dairy or piggery perhaps, gets by with this work with half a dozen hands. And they all have their own forks to work with. Even so, not backbreaking work for these hired hands but work that could be taking all day.

double bale hay spear

And for the farm owner, time is money. If it were not for the fact that his budget was squeezed and no new state or federal subsidies were forthcoming, he would have hired half a dozen more and the work could have been finished chop-chop by now. But still, the amount of time that it takes to teach these guys how to be good farm hands can be tiresome. Some of them cannot even speak the language. And while farmers in general do have the patience of Job, they are not educators and cannot be expected to teach their laborers how to speak English.

Native American English, it is called. But dear farmer, the amount of time it takes you to learn how to use a double bale hay spear is substantially less. You would not even need a technician to stand by your side giving you a demonstration because now you can just go online and take your instructions from there. And then there is the labor. All you may need from hereon is just one or two of your best hands.